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One of Massachusetts’ fasting growing up-and-coming craft breweries

Founded in 2011 by the three Hendler brothers, Jack, Eric, and Sam, Jack’s Abby Brewing is a family owned craft brewery in Framingham, Massachusetts. Their mission is to create distinctive lagers featuring locally grown ingredients with traditional German brewing standards and American innovation. Since opening its doors in 2011, Jack’s Abby Brewing has expanded numerous times and is preparing to move to a much larger downtown Framingham location later this year.

The Hendler brothers were exposed to entrepreneurship and ambition from an early age as they watched their grandfather, father and uncle transform the Saxony Ice Company into an industry leader while they were children. As they grew up, Jack, Eric and Sam spent their summers learning the business by working from the bottom up. While the Saxony Ice Company eventually changed ownership, the Hendler brothers still believed in the potential of small businesses that thrive under the right leadership with a strong sense of commitment. It was this belief that became a driving force behind the creation of Jack’s Abby Brewing.

While in college, Jack Hendler began experimenting with home brews and went on to earn his diploma in brewing technology in May of 2007. He worked as head brewer at a popular Boston brew pub for several years, but the idea of starting his own brewery was always in the back of his mind. Joining forces, the Hendler brothers put their entrepreneurial spirits to work and founded Jack’s Abby Brewing in 2011.

The name Jack’s Abby is a nod to Jack’s wife, Abby, and also to the traditions of the European monks who handcrafted beer in their abbeys. The brothers are inspired by this tradition of brewing with local ingredients to create delicious, distinctive, authentic beers. In fact, the Hendler brothers source much of their brewing ingredients from their own farm!

Jack’s Abby Brewing is consistently winning awards at national beer competitions, and as their popularity has grown, so has the demand for their beer. Later this year, Jack’s Abby will be moving to a much larger facility in downtown Framingham, that includes space for a tasting room and restaurant. The Hendlers are thrilled by the opportunities the new location allows and they look forward to growing the brand even more. Cheers!

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