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A love of plants, hops, and homebrewing led to the opening of Windsor, Colorado’s first microbrewery.

Founded in 2012 by Amanda and Pat Weakland, High Hops Brewery was Windsor, Colorado’s first microbrewery, now serving seven year-round canned beers, plus a rotating series of specialty ales. Since the beginning, the goal at High Hops Brewery has been to deliver quality beers that are both unique and delicious, and over the years, the brewery has won several international awards and Gold Medals for their efforts.

It all started back in 1991 when Amanda and Pat began their business venture with Plant-A-Scape, a small seasonal greenhouse in Windsor, Colorado. Both have a history in growing plants - Pat represents the third generation of growers in his family and Amanda grew up helping on her family’s farm and has nurtured her love for gardening since then. Plant-A-Scape eventually changed names to become The Windsor Gardener.

In 2006, there was a massive national hop shortage and this caught the attention of Pat, who had started homebrewing on the weekends with his son Zach. The Weaklands decided to plant their own hop farm on site of The Windsor Gardener, and today that farm grows and sells 54 different varietals of hop plants (14 of which are used for beer production).

Next came a home-brew shop located inside of The Windsor Gardener, allowing brewing supplies to be readily available to brewers in the Windsor area. Now with homegrown hops and brewing supplies on hand, it seemed that opening a microbrewery was in the Weaklands’ future.

Construction on the High Hops brewhouse began in 2012, adding on to The Windsor Gardener and creating a tasting room where visitors could enjoy the beers brewed by Pat and Zach. The tasting room, named ‘The Hop Hut,’ includes an indoor beer garden as well as a patio that overlooks the on-site hop field. From classics such as Pale Ales and Ambers to unique creations such as a gluten-free sour called Puckerberry, High Hops Brewery has something for everyone. The brewery’s taproom has a whopping 40 beers on tap, proudly providing a wide variety of beers for visitors. We are proud to offer two of High Hops’ most popular selections to our Craft Beer Club members. Enjoy!

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Trivia Time!

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1. What are Brettanomyces?
Brettanomyces, otherwise known as wild yeast, is a special yeast used to make sour or wold beer. Usually, brewers and winemakers try to prevent this yeast from getting into the beer. However, barrel-aged and Sour Ales almost always have Brettanomyces (“Brett”) or another ‘wild’ yeast strain in order to produce the acidity and funky aromas.

2. Hops may be added at different times during the brewing process - True or False?
True! Depending on the style of beer being made, brewers may call on different hops at different times throughout the brewing process. Some hops are used for aromas, some for flavors, and others for bitterness.