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As one of North Carolina’s original breweries, Green Man produces traditional English styles as well as innovative brews that are continuously recognized for their high quality and creativity.

Founded in 1997 as a brewpub, Green Man Brewery is Asheville, North Carolina’s second oldest brewery and one that’s steeped in history, crafting some of the beer scene’s most iconic ales. Current owners, Dennis and Wendy Thies, and Head Brewer John Stuart have evolved Green Man Brewery into the respected and well-known entity it is today, known for its traditional ales and impressive specialties, crafted with an eye for quality and consistency.

Dennis and Wendy Thies purchased Green Man Brewery in 2010, bringing with them a fresh approach that spurred evolutionary change - growing Green Man from a brewpub into a renowned brewery. They saw the potential - Green Man had an excellent brewer (John Stuart) making great craft beers, and it had a great brand with deep roots in Asheville and loads of local support. The ‘brand’ - the mythical Green Man - is a personification of Father Nature that is typically represented by a face surrounded by or made from leaves, branches or vines, and it dates back centuries in British lore. The motif is primarily interpreted as a symbol of rebirth or renaissance, representing the cycle of growth each spring. Some believe that the mythology of the Green Man developed independently in the traditions of separate ancient cultures and evolved into the wide variety of examples found throughout history. At Green Man Brewery, the team takes their own interpretation of the elusive, mysterious man.

Now over twenty years old, Green Man Brewery has seen significant growth. The brewery operates two taprooms - Dirty Jack’s and Green Mansion, and they have greatly expanded their brewing capacity. Over the years, Green Man has brewed hundreds of beers, but its core trifecta of the IPA, Porter, and ESB (Extra Special Bitter) continue to be the best sellers. Keeping quality high is of the utmost importance, especially as more and more craft breweries appear on the market. It is worth noting though, that very few craft breweries have been around more than twenty years, so being one that has made it that long is a big deal.

Green Man Brewery strives to bring innovative and exciting new flavors to all beer lovers. They are consistently recognized for their internationally loved traditional English styles, as well as their creative versions of the newest craft trends. We hope our Craft Beer Subscription members enjoy this month’s selections. Cheers!

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Trivia Time

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1. What is the difference between an Extra Pale Ale and a Pale Ale?
An Extra Pale Ale isn’t a recognized style category, so the term is open to interpretation. Some brewers use the term for an Imperial Ale, which doesn’t quite fit stylistically into either the Pale Ale or IPA category, or just for an incredibly hoppy Pale Ale that has the body of a Pale Ale but the taste characteristics of an IPA. On the other hand, brewers have used the term for ales lighter colored and lighter bodied than Pale Ales that still have good hop presence.

2. What is a Steam Beer (or California Common)?
The steam beer, or California Common, is an American original and was first produced in California during the Gold Rush (late 19th Century). The style of beer is very much tied to the west coast, and in particular, San Francisco. At its height, this style of beer was brewed by as many as 27 different breweries in California. Today, Steam Beer is a trademarked term and can only be brewed under that name by Anchor Steam Brewing Company in San Francisco, California. Other brewers now use the name California Common for this style.