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America’s oldest microbrewery and Michigan’s original craft brewery, Frankenmuth has offered award-winning ales and lagers since 1862.

In 1862, John Matthias Falliers and his cousins William Knaust and Martin Heubisch built and opened the Frankenmuth Brewery just north of the Falliers family property in Frankenmuth, Michigan, where the brewery continues to stand today. Since then, the brewery has operated under many names, including Cass River Brewery and Geyer Brothers Brewing Co., before settling on the Frankenmuth Brewery name during the 1980’s.

Today’s modern-day Frankenmuth Brewery offers a taproom and restaurant, allowing visitors to enjoy a full brewery experience while tasting through a variety of Frankenmuth’s craft beers and an inspired craft-centric food menu. Frankenmuth’s craft beer lineup highlights a variety of thirty-six different styles, all brewed fresh on site! The brewery also features several high gravity, seasonal, experimental and special release brews throughout the year. Whether you like your craft beer light or dark, hoppy or malt, uniquely flavored or traditional, this brewery is sure to have the perfect craft beer for everyone.

Frankenmuth’s beers are brewed by Brewmaster Steve Buszka, who joined the brewery in 2014. Steve began his brewing career in 1991 and has served as the head brewmaster for many breweries including Bell’s (when it was still named Kalamazoo Brewing Co.), Potosi Brewing Co., and O’So Brewing Co., among others. Since joining Frankenmuth, Steve’s signature brewing approach and expertise has been recognized with several prominent awards.

What about the Dachshund? “Frankie” the Dachshund has been featured on Frankenmuth’s beer labels, advertisements, and marketing materials since the early 1930’s and he continues to be the company mascot today. Frankie has made quite a name for himself over the years and plays a huge role in representing the Frankenmuth’s “dog-gone good” craft beers.

While much has changed at Frankenmuth Brewery since its inception, the commitment to creating award-winning German and American craft beer has remained the same. As the oldest brewery in Michigan, Frankenmuth always raises a glass to pay homage to the beloved brands of the past while toasting the current generation of Frankenmuth favorites. We're excited to bring our craft beer subscription members a taste of this fantastic brewery. Prost!

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Trivia Time!

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1. From where do hops originate?
Hops originate from China, from which they have been spread westwards and eastwards. As there are male and female plants, the flowers (cones) of the female plants are fertilized by the pollen of the male flowers, with the result that the female flowers form seeds. These seeds are eaten by birds and have thus spread over vast distances. The female hop plants have been grown as commercial crops for the brewing industry for many centuries in many countries.

2. What is ‘Head Retention’ and why is it important?
The head is the foam that rests on top of the beer after it has been poured. Retention is how long the head lasts in your glass. The head exhibits aroma attributes of the beer that are not found after the head has died down, so it is for this reason, as well as aesthetic and stylistic reasons, that a beer with a good long-lasting head is desirable.