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McKinney's eco-friendly brewery crafts authentic, Bavarian style beers

Franconia Brewing Company was founded by Dennis Wehrmann in McKinney, Texas in February of 2008. The brewery focuses on crafting authentic, fresh Bavarian style brews while also supporting the environment through their many ‘green’ practices. Dennis is actually a pioneer when it comes to utilizing sustainable technology in northern Texas, especially when it comes to brewing. When he produced his first batch of Franconia beer in 2008, Dennis was one of the first entrepreneurs to start a brewery in the area, and he’s still the only one in northern Texas to brew strictly by the Reinheitsgebot, or German Purity Law. Dennis is extremely dedicated to his craft, and to honoring the brewing traditions set forth by his family.

Dennis Wehrmann grew up in Nuremberg, Germany in an area of Bavaria that was surrounded by several historic breweries. Even before he was born, Dennis had brewing in his blood. His great-great-grandfather first brewed beer in an area of Germany called Franken (hence, Franconia). His mother earned a degree as a brewery lab technician, and the majority of his uncles were either brewmasters or worked in some form for the brewing business. When Dennis was a young boy, he spent his summer breaks working for local breweries and at the age of 12 actually brewed his first batch. After working for several breweries and earning a masters degree in beer and food science from the University of Munich, Dennis and his wife moved to the United States. He worked for a couple years at a brewery in Allen, Texas before starting plans to open his own brewery - his lifelong dream.

Brewing according to the Reinheitsgebot, Dennis uses only water, malted barley, hops, and yeast as ingredients. No pasteurizing, stabilizing, or artificial flavors are allowed, meaning his beers are completely natural and fresh. He is assisted by head brewer, Cam Horn.

Dennis’ dedication to the environment is also worth noting. His brewing facility is solar powered and energy efficient and was built as eco-friendly as possible. There are no trash cans and everything produced is 100% recyclable. The leftover mash from brewing is donated to cattle feed, a large portion of the water used during production is collected and reused, and he even has an on site micro-power plant using renewable fuels.

Even as a relatively new brewery, Franconia has seen great success and growth. We hope you enjoy two of Dennis’ top offerings. Cheers!

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