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One of the top craft breweries in the Chesapeake region

With a brewing history dating back more than 300 years, Fordham Brewing Company was originally founded by Benjamin Fordham in Annapolis, Maryland in 1703. On June 11, 1995, the brewery was reborn in a state-of-the-art Bavarian brewery at the Rams Head Tavern in downtown Annapolis. Using time-honored traditions and the latest in brewing techniques, Fordham Brewing Company quickly re-established itself as a local leader in the craft beer industry and was even named the Best Local Lager in 2001 by Baltimore Magazine.

President and CEO Jim Lutz, the former VP of sales and marketing at Frederick, Maryland's Flying Dog Brewery, has some serious standards when it comes to his nationally recognized Fordham brews. Working closely with head brewmaster Walter Trifari, Fordham Brewing Company has produced some of the most distinctive, high quality brews in the state.

The demand for Fordham beers has continuously grown, and in an effort to provide more people with their brews, Jim Lutz decided to move the brewery to a larger facility. In 2003, Dover, Delaware became the new home for Fordham Brewing Company! Even though the beers are no longer made in Annapolis, the Rams Head Tavern still remains one of the most popular places to enjoy a Fordham beer.

In May of 2009, Fordham joined forces with the reputable Old Dominion Brewing Company, and the two brands have formed a successful partnership ever since. Together, they host a number of events including an annual beer and music festival, an annual harvest festival, and even movie nights at the brewery. Fordham is also the proud sponsor of Britain's top seeded Women's Beach Volleyball team, in their journey to qualify for the 2012 London Olympics. These guys definitely know how to have a good time!

Fordham currently brews six year-round beers, a seasonal harvest Ale, and has recently began exporting a couple styles to England! After 300 years, two state-of-the-art locations, and countless awards for their tasty brews, Fordham Brewing Company certainly has come a long way! Cheers!

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