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North Carolina

One of North Carolina's premier brew houses with a variety of hand-crafted beers

Founded in 2005 by Jamie Bartholomaus, Foothills Brewing is leading the way in the modern day craft beer movement in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. The brewery, which began as a tiny 800-barrel microbrewery/brew pub in downtown Winston-Salem, is now approaching a production level of 40,000 barrels per year, with two locations, and a huge following of loyal beer enthusiasts. The beers range in style from hoppy IPA’s, to Porters, Stouts, Ambers, and everything in between - they truly have a beer for everyone.

Jamie Bartholomaus, now widely respected in craft brewing circles, found his way into the industry as a home-brewer while attending college at the University of Georgia. He started by volunteering at a small local brewery and worked his way up as a brewer, gaining experience at a number of up and coming breweries in South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia.

In 2005, Jamie moved to Winston-Salem to open the Foothills brewpub with the guys at Blue Ridge Brewing to help brew and run the place, and has been there ever since. Initially their wasn’t a large beer scene in Winston-Salem, so they were a bit nervous, but as you could assume they were very well received making great sales in their restaurant and receiving endless praise and appreciation of their beers.

His goal at Foothills Brewery is to celebrate the diversity of beer by striving to make each recipe and bottling unique and different with top quality ingredients and time-honored methods. The last thing they want is for customers to think their beer tastes just like everyone else’s, so they use a wide range of ingredients to differentiate their beers.

Foothills Brewing Company currently offers more than twenty year round and seasonal craft brews, many of which have garnered impressive medals and honors at national beer competitions. Their brewpub has ten taps which are flowing at all times with their core beers and at least one seasonal beer. The core beers on tap are their: Salem Gold, Pilot Mountain Pale, Torch Pilsner, Rainbow Trout ESB, Total Eclipse Stout, Hoppyum IPA, and Seeing Double IPA. Since opening they’ve won five major medals at the Great American Beer Festival, World Beer Cup, and the Atlanta Cask Ale Tasting.

In 2014, Foothills began an ‘of the month’ series, crafting a different limited-release beer each month. It started as an IPA of the Month program, grew into a Hop of the Month series, and is now called the Craft Happiness Project - focusing on bringing awareness, attention and generosity to various human, animal, and environmental causes with a portion of the proceeds going toward each cause. This unique program is just one of the fantastic ways Foothills has set itself apart in the craft brewing community.

Brewmaster T.L. Adkisson is an integral part of the Foothills Brewing family with his incredible technical brewing knowledge and unparalleled passion with which he pursues the perfect pint. His innovative recipes have lead to many award-winning beers over the years.

This month, we are proud to offer our Craft Beer Club members two of Foothills’ most popular offerings. Cheers!

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T.L. Adkisson - Brewmaster

Picture of T.L. Adkisson - Brewmaster

Jamie Bartholomaus - Owner

Picture of Jamie Bartholomaus - Owner