Foothills Brewing Company - Cottonwood Ales

North Carolina

One of North Carolina's premier brew houses with a variety of hand-crafted beers

Based in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Foothills Brewing Company has long been a medal winning craft brewery at a number of national beer festivals and World Beer Cup events. At the beginning of this year (February 2011), Foothills acquired the beer division of Carolina Beer & Beverage Company. Among the beer brands acquired in this purchase were those within the highly popular Cottonwood Ales line from which we selected this month's Craft Beer Club features. Carolina Beer & Beverage sold the Cottonwood Ales line in order to help expand its current limited distribution and expose the brand to other markets. Foothills owner Jamie Bartholomaus is thrilled with the opportunity to work with the new Cottonwood Ales brand and introduce its premium craft brews to new audiences.

Foothills Brewing Company uses only the finest and freshest ingredients and they pride themselves on offering quality and variety through all of their beer selections. The brewery offers tours, a beer school class on the brewing process, and a number of specialized local events to introduce the public to their hand-crafted beers.

The Cottonwood Ales line of beers is dedicated to the local Cottonwood Mountain Bike Race Team, and has built quite the loyal following. The name Endo for their popular IPA comes from the bicycle term to flip over one's handlebars, which is an apt choice for this over-the-top India Pale Ale. We also selected the Frostbite Winter Ale to feature, a high gravity (higher alcohol) craft beer that is complex, flavorful, and incredibly unique. Enjoy!

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