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Rhode Island

One of Rhode Island’s local breweries pairing hand crafted beers with life experiences

At Foolproof Brewing Company, beer is looked at a little differently. It’s not just about crafting the best beer possible - it’s also about the experience. The brewers at Foolproof have singled out specific life experiences that call for a beer (whether you’re watching a game, relaxing at home on a rainy day, or hanging with friends at the local pub) and have determined what style of beer would perfectly compliment each occasion. They call this philosophy “experience-based brewing” and the fun concept singles out Foolproof from the crowd.

The brewery was founded in 2012 by Nick Garrison in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. Nick grew up in Needham, Massachusetts, and like many people in the brewing industry, started his career as an avid homebrewer. He received a brewing kit for Christmas one year, started experimenting, and it wasn’t long before the hobby turned into an obsession. Nick was constantly brewing and trying new recipes and even brewed all of the beer for his own wedding in June 2008. Many of the guests were impressed with the beer quality and suggested he start brewing full time. This was the proverbial “light bulb” moment for Nick, and he began researching all there was to know about running a business and opening a brewery.

In 2012, Nick left his marketing job in the aerospace industry and started building out the future Foolproof Brewing Company with his initial brewmaster, Damase Olsson. Damase was a chemist turned brewer who worked for many years on the east coast before retiring and agreeing to serve as Foolproof’s honorary brewmaster emeritus. It took Nick and Damase 8 quick months to get the brewery ready, and they brewed the first Foolproof batch on December 7, 2012. The brewery officially opened in January of 2013.

Nick chose Pawtucket, Rhode Island for Foolproof’s location because it is where the American Industrial Revolution started. He was also immediately drawn to the character of the city, and knew it would be a great setting for a local brewery.

In the brewery’s short lifespan, Nick has already grown to add distribution to Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, and New Hampshire. He offers five year round beers in cans, and three specialty offerings in bottle. Nick’s marketing talents and desire to be on the innovative side of the industry has certainly helped bring Foolproof to where it stands today, but it is his carefully crafted, exquisite beers that keep the fans coming back for more. We hope you enjoy this rising star brewer.

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