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Flying Bison Brewing Company

New York

German, English, and American hops from Buffalo

The Flying Bison Brewing Company opened in 2000, making it Buffalo, New York's first stand-alone brewery since Iroquois Brewing closed its doors in 1972. The brewery was founded by Tim Herzog, an award-winning brewer with over 30 years of experience and licensed as a Certified Beer Judge. It had been Tim's dream to revamp the once-flourishing beer industry in Buffalo, New York, and with the opening of his own Flying Bison Brewing Company, that dream was finally realized.

Tim grew up in Rochester, New York and found early on that he did not like the taste of American beer. Rather, he was inspired by the traditional beers of Ireland and Germany, and began homebrewing in an attempt to brew recipes more to his liking. He studied brewing at the famed Siebel Institute and the American Brewers Guild and went on to intern with three breweries in California, Oregon, and Ontario. After years of practice, and the encouragement of his wife and family, Tim turned his hobby into a livelihood and Flying Bison Brewing Company was born. The name was chosen to pay homage to Buffalo's history of aviation manufacturing.

Today, Flying Bison Brewing Company brews four flagship beers that are available year round, and a number of small production Seasonal Ales. Tim's beers include a range of German, English, and American hops in order to achieve the desired style and flavor profile of each of his distinctive, incredibly flavorful brews.

At the brewery, Tim is joined by four men, including his son Colin, to help man the operation. Together, the team shares Tim's commitment to growing Buffalo, New York's craft beer industry.

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