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Creating a unique line-up of 18 different craft beers in Cape Canaveral

One of the state's leading craft brewers, Florida Beer Company celebrates a growing line of locally inspired, specialty beers on the pristine beaches of Cape Canaveral.

Brewing craft beer since 1997, Florida Beer Company is based in Cape Canaveral, near Cocoa Beach and just north of Palm Bay, Florida. One of the state's premier craft brewers, Florida Beer Company encompasses a number of popular brands including Key West, Hurricane Reef, Gold, and Tropical - creating a unique line-up of Floridian inspired brews.

The President/CEO of Florida Beer Company is Jim Massoni, a successful businessman who originally worked as an executive at BEA Systems - an internet technology pioneer in California's Silicon Valley. In 2003, he became aware of the Florida Beer Company and decided to make a career change into the micro-brewery world. His efforts as President of Florida Beer Company have resulted in better beer distribution, higher quality brewing equipment, and numerous awards and medals from across the country. His goal remains to create a regional brewing force and establish Florida as a leader in micro brewing.

Massoni works closely with Florida Beer Company brewmaster Jack Owen to create individualistic beers through traditional brewing methods. Jack Owen has been brewing beer since the early 1980's and has been with Florida Beer Company since 1997, bringing an impressive amount of knowledge, experience, passion, and dedication to his methods and his beer.

With eighteen different craft beers under the Florida Beer Company label, Jim Massoni and Jack Owen are quite pleased with their range of Ales and Lagers. Their efforts have resulted in building one of the state's leading craft breweries and a top destination spot for Cape Canaveral locals and tourists.

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