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Fernson Brewing Co.

South Dakota


A pair of passionate, hard-working craft brewers spearhead a locally-made craft beer movement in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Founded in 2015 by Derek Fernholz and close friend Blake Thompson, Fernson Brewing Company is all about bringing people together and passionately brewing locally made beer in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The beer they craft may be on the adventurous side for a region where easy-drinking, light lagers still define “beer” for many palates, but as Fernson continues to expand and grow their local presence, it’s clear they are filling an obvious void in the Sioux Falls beer market. Since opening their doors, Fernson became the area’s first full production brewery and they are now the largest craft brewery in the city, with plans to open their third location this year. We are excited to offer 2 award-winning brews to our Craft Beer Club members!

Blake Thompson first became interested in brewing beer while working at his parents’ winery in Napa Valley, California. He went on to attend Sibel Institute, America’s oldest brewing school, and then earned his Master Brewer’s Certificate at UC Davis. He gained experience working for a small brewery, Bitter Esters Brewhouse, in Custer, South Dakota, before venturing on his own with close friend, and avid homebrewer, Derek Fernholz (a software engineer by trade). Together, they launched Fernson Brewing Company, an amalgamation of their last names, and they ambitiously jumped feet first into their passion project.

Since the beginning, Derek and Blake have opted to package their beer offerings in cans rather than glass bottles, for two reasons: 1) Cans are better at protecting beer from light and oxygen, and 2) Aluminum is easier to recycle than glass. Plus, the eco-friendliness of cans allows them to be taken on excursions in places that bottles aren’t (parks, beaches, etc.), which tends to go better with the Fernson motto: Creating unique, hand-crafted beers for adventurous people.

Derek and Blake take a sincere approach to harnessing the quality and care that goes into the heart of beer making, and it is a passion that can be tasted in each of their beers. With five core craft beers, eight seasonals, and five collaborative offerings, there is certainly a Fernson beer for every beer lover. Several have won awards in local and national beer competitions, which only brings more credibility to this growing Sioux Falls brand. We are happy to share two of their most popular beers with our Craft Beer Club members. Enjoy!

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