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Evolving and modernizing traditional craft beer

Brothers and business partners, Tom and John Knorr are brewing some of the Mid-Atlantic’s best beers. In 2009, they took over a small grocery store in the town of Delmar, Delaware, and transformed it into a brew house named the Evolution Craft Brewing Company. Today, their brewery is known throughout the region for its ‘evolving styles’ and creative twists on traditional style brews.

Tom and John Knorr were born and raised in Richmond, Virginia where their traditional upbringing instilled in them the good manners and natural charm of southern hospitality. Once graduating from college, the brothers entered the restaurant industry and found great success. Today they own six restaurants, five within the state of Maryland and one in Antigua, Guatemala!

In 2009, the brothers joined forces with brewmaster Geoff DeBisschop of Boston, Massachusetts, and Chef John Scheckells to create the Evolution Craft Brewing Company (EVO for short). They were intrigued with the artistry in beer and decided that brewing their own would be the ultimate next venture. The idea was also to brew beers that would pair well with the foods they were creating in the kitchens of their restaurants.

Tom and John’s beers are modeled after traditional styles of Ales, but to make it their own, the brothers are constantly experimenting with new ingredients and brewing methods to ‘evolve’ the beers into distinctive new versions of themselves. Evolution Craft Brewing Company’s wide range of unique craft beers has made them a favorite in the Mid-Atlantic region.

In 2012, the brewery expanded into its current location in Salisbury, Maryland. The new building used to be an ice factory, and its industrial style lends a modern feel to the new tasting room and restaurant located on site. The added space has helped enlarge brewery operations to keep up with the growing regional demand and distribution.

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