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One of Pennsylvania's rising star breweries

Erie Brewing Company was originally founded as Hoppers Brewpub in Erie, Pennsylvania's historic Union Station building in 1993. Located in the upper northwest corner by Lake Erie, this town was, at the time, new to the craft brewing scene, and Erie Brewing Company was just what the town needed as an introduction. Today, Erie is home to a handful of craft brewers, each carving their own niche and honoring a sense of Erie culture and celebration in their local microbrewery brands.

Erie Brewing Company started slowly, finally transitioning into a full fledged microbrewery in 1999. They moved into their larger current production facility in downtown, which offered additional space for the new brewing equipment and an area for local visitors to come in and taste the beers. Erie was getting off to a great start!

Brewmaster Shawn Strickland joined the team in 2000 and has since proven to be an incredible asset to the Erie Brewing family. He helped develop some of the original Erie brews, including the ever popular Railbender Ale, which still stands as a top seller today. His focus has always been to create original, distinctive brews that celebrate the city's history. From landmarks such as the old railroads built in the 19th century, to the historic Misery bay and the state's first oil well, Erie Brewing Company captures it all - giving locals an establishment they can truly identify with and support whole-heartedly.

In 2012, Bob Lowther took over the reins of Erie Brewing Company and stands as the current owner today, working alongside brewmaster Shawn Strickland to continue crafting the award-winning brews the microbrewery has become known for. With Rob's guidance, Erie Brewing Company is poised to become a top regional brewer within the next few years. Cheers!

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