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Ellicottville Brewing Company

New York


Ellicottville Brewery is fulfilling its promise of further expansion while continuing its record of producing more than 40 great beers

As brewpubs go, New York State’s Ellicottville Brewing Company is more than two decades old and definitely one of the older brewpubs in the country. Founded in 1995, the Ellicottville Brewing Company is an integral part of tiny Ellicottville (pop. 1598) in the Western Alleghenies region of New York. The town has often been called ‘the Aspen of the East’ with good reason.

In the mid 1990’s, Peter Kreinheder was on a ski trip to Vail, Colorado and was introduced to his first brewpub. He imparted his interest to brothers Allen and Peter Yahn and the basis for the first Ellicottville Brewing Company was formed.

A business plan followed and Peter attended a UCLA brewing school to familiarize himself with the inner workings of a brewery. The owners selected an old Victorian building that dated back to the 1860’s that had served a number of purposes for their location. A 10 barrel brewing system was imported from Hungary with the capacity of producing some 330 gallons of beer per batch. A first class restaurant was also added to satisfy the appetites of beer-hungry drinkers.

By 2005, the success of their first operation caused an expansion to an additional location in Fredonia, New York. A gastropub restaurant remains there today which offers all of the Ellicottville Brewing Company’s portfolio, consisting of around forty different styles of beer. In 2013, an additional 30-barrel German system was added to increase the capacity of the original Ellicottville Brewing Company.

The immediate future holds even more expansion for the company. In the fall/winter of this year, another brewpub is due to open in Little Valley, NY, which is only a tad more than 15 minutes away from the brewpub’s original site.

“Our growth is the product of increased demand by our customers,” informed Kurt Nutshell, brewing production and operations manager for the entity. It will feature a much larger 60-barrel German brewing system that is state-of-the-art as far as brewpubs are concerned. We will have a restaurant and even have plans for a conference center to be part of the project.”

An excellent product coupled with a loyal following has propelled Ellicottville Brewing Company to the forefront of high-caliber American brewpubs. Its owners and staff should be congratulated on their marvelous accomplishments and extensive foresight. Enjoy!

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