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A South Jersey brewery on the rise!

Before opening their doors in 2015, the Double Nickel Brewing Co. team set out to create something totally original yet inspired. The question always at the forefront of their minds is ‘how does something become a classic?’ And the answer is bridging vision and tradition. Taking its name from the Tacony-Palmyra bridge (historically nicknamed the Double Nickel bridge), Double Nickel creates beers that let you experience something familiar yet they also feel completely new. This creative and passionate group of brewers strive to make beer that helps you reconnect with this sense of wonder and they absolutely love what they do.

Double Nickel Brewing Co. is the brainchild of four New Jersey natives: Bob Dalsey, his son John Dalsey, Drew Perry, and Brian Needham. Drew Perry, Head Brewer for Double Nickel, has been brewing beer his whole professional life, working his way from the packaging line to head brewer. At his most recent position, he led recipe development and contract brewing for a Virginia-based operation that produced beer for dozens of other microbreweries. But, his dream was always the same - to return home to New Jersey and start his own brewery, using his own recipes and sharing the experience with friends and family. After teaming up with the Dalseys and Brian Needham, he made that dream a reality and transformed an old fitness center into a 22,000 square foot brewing facility and tasting room. Although the brewery is still very new, the team has wasted no time in taking its place in the ever-more-crowded craft beer scene. These beers are award-winning and quickly building Double Nickel’s presence in the Philly/South Jersey area.

Double Nickel is proud to offer a wide variety of beer styles, hop varietals and flavor profiles with innovative twists that keep consumers coming back for more. Outside of their “core series,” Double Nickel gets really creative with their limited-release seasonal offerings. While the flavors are familiar, they’re different at the same time, and extremely well balanced and flavorful.

If the first seven years are any indication of this brewery’s potential, it’s safe to assume that Double Nickel will be a powerhouse in the New Jersey craft beer market in no time. We are proud to share two of their offerings with our Craft Beer Club members. Enjoy!

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Trivia Time

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1. What is a beer engine?

A beer engine, also known as a hand pump, is a uniquely British dispensing device that is specifically used for traditional cask-conditioned ales. The beer engine is a piston pump that allows the casks to be kept in a cooler cellar below the bar and the beer to be pulled or drawn up to the bar. Cask-conditioned beers have lower carbonation than standard beers because they are usually served at about 55 degrees Fahrenheit. If a cask conditioned ale was served through a standard dispensing system, the gas pressure and colder temperature would increase the carbonation of the beer, which would then lose its ideal balance of flavors. On the other hand, dispensing fully carbonated beers with a beer engine would yield relentless foam.

2. What is a ‘Swan Neck?’

A Swan Neck is a long-neck spout fitted to a cask beer engine (hand-pump) featuring a tall arch that resembles the long, curved neck of the Swan.