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Offering great craft beer, cider and pizza in Hood River, Oregon, Double Mountain Brewery embraces sustainable practices and the exciting outdoor culture of the Columbia Gorge.

Established in 2007 by friends Matt Swihart and Charlie Devereaux, Double Mountain Brewery & Cidery is situated in the adventurous town of Hood River, Oregon, at the base of Mt. Hood , on the Colombia River. The brewery stands by the belief of creating great beers and ciders that everyone will enjoy, while embracing a healthy outdoor culture with a deep community environment. This locals’ brewery is quickly gaining popularity for their unfiltered and long-aged beers that are as complex and assertive as they are balanced and refreshing, and we’re happy to share them with our Craft Beer Club members.

Double Mountain Brewery opened its doors on St. Patrick’s Day in 2007, fulfilling the dream of Matt Swihart and Charlie Devereaux to bring amazing beer and pizza to downtown Hood River. Needless to say, the brewery hit the ground running.

Matt and Charlie first met while working at Full Sail Brewery (also in Hood River) and quickly became friends, bonding over their common affinity for good beer and food and enjoying the outdoors in a uniquely wild and exciting location - the Columbia Gorge. After advancing their brewing careers over the years, they finally joined forces and created Double Mountain. In June of 2013, Matt purchased Charlie’s shares of Double Mountain, continuing the good work they created.

Over the years, Double Mountain has expanded to grow apples and cherries, press fruit and create cider. They’re recently purchased 25,000 square foot warehouse has allowed the beer and cider production to grow, while also bringing sustainable practices to the forefront. The Double Mountain team had solar panels installed across the entire roof of the warehouse, making the brewery a Net-Zero building for years to come, plus they use refillable/reusable bottles via Oregon Bottle Drop, and a recently installed CO2 capture system allows the team to retain and store carbon off of the ferment, rather than having to purchase new CO2.

Double Mountain Brewery & Cidery currently operates two taprooms, one in Hood River and the other in Portland. They’re welcoming and passionate staff look forward to hosting you for amazing beer, cider and pizza on your next visit to the area. Cheers!

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Trivia Time!

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1. What is the strongest known beer in the world?
The world’s strongest beer is Brewmeister’s ‘Snake Venom.’ While regular beer usually has about 5% alcohol, this Scottish bottling has a whopping 67.5% ABV!

2. Which country has the highest per capita beer consumption?
The Czech Republic has the highest per capita beer consumption of almost 40 gallons per year.

3. What is the process of lautering in brewing?
Once the mash is complete, the liquid containing the extracted sugars, referred to as ‘wort,’ must be drained from the grain into the boil kettle. This process is known as lautering. The mash tun has a perforated false bottom that acts like a colander, and allows the wort to pass through, but not the grain. The husks striped from the grain during the milling act like a filter and prevent the small pieces from being transferred.