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Dedicated to continuing their founder’s legacy, Dick’s Brewing Company is one of the Pacific Northwest’s premiere craft breweries.

Dick Young grew up in Chehalis, Washington on his family farm and would tag along with his father as he tended the fields of barley and other grains. Dick had no idea that his path would stray from the farm, but would follow the trail of barley and the local hops that were also harvested in the region.

He started brewing as a home brewer in 1984, shortly after establishing his first business venture - Northwest Sausage & Deli, a thriving business even today, where Old- World style meats are smoked on premise. When he wasn’t busy handcrafting smoked summer sausage and pepperoni at the Deli, Dick was brewing small batches of beer in the back. He built from scratch a three barrel brew house (which is still used today as part of the pilot system) to start designing and creating recipes and the beer was so popular among friends and family that he decided to make his hobby a business. In 1994, Dick’s Brewing Company became a reality.

Dick built a 2,100 square foot brewing facility adjacent to the Deli and initially focused on three beers: Dick Danger Ale, Lava Rock Porter, and Pale Ale. Dick Danger is still one of the brewery’s best selling beers to date! Dick’s Brewing Company was located next to the Deli until 2008, and over those thirteen years, it grew from 200 barrels in sales in one state to over 3,000 barrels in six states. The brewery moved to its current location in 2008 - an 18,000 square foot brewing facility in Centralia, Washington, where there is plenty of room for growth and the 20+ different styles of beer that are now being produced. Dick opened a tasting room at the facility the following year and it is still a favorite local hangout and tourist destination.

Unfortunately, 2009 was also the year that Dick Young passed away. He will always be remembered in every bottle or keg that gets shipped from the brewer, and his vision continues to live on. Today, Dick’s Brewing Company is led by Dick’s daughter, Julie Pendleton, and her husband, Dave Pendleton, is the Head Brewer/Brewery Manager. It is their goal to carry on Dick’s dream while staying true to the traditional values of hard work and craftsmanship.

We are proud to share this passionate family brewery with our Craft Beer Club members. Enjoy!

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Trivia Time

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1. What makes a sour beer taste sour?

Simply put, to make any beer sour, brewers must inoculate it (fermenting the beer by introducing one, or a combination of, fermenting agents - a genus of yeast called Brettanomyces, acid producing bacteria, or any type of non-conventional yeast).

When making non-sour beers, brewers ferment the wort (brewed, but unfermented beer) with any number of different species of Saccharomyces yeast. This type of yeast consumes the sugars in the wort and produces alcohol, carbon dioxide, and a range of flavor characteristics. These are controlled fermentations so the beer has a consistent taste.

When it comes to brewing sour beers however, the acid producing bacteria and wild yeast like Brettanomyces are often incorporated in combination with a traditional Saccharomyces species. In the presence of oxygen, Brettanomyces can metabolize alcohol into the vinegary acidity known as acetic acid. In addition to the acidity, Brettanomyces lends a complex array of flavor components - anywhere from earthy and funky to tropical and fruity. These flavors continue to develop and change throughout the fermentation process and can yield some of the most complex beers in existence.