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The oldest continuously brewed beer in Connecticut, Cottrell Brewing Company makes craft beers in a fine New England tradition.

In 1666, an early "Yankee" named Nicholas Cottrell, together with a group of other settlers, purchased land from the native Narragansett Indians which would eventually become known as the town of Westerly, Rhode Island. Long after the establishment of the town, in 1855, a descendent of Nicholas named Calvert B. Cottrell formed a manufacturing company in Pawcatuck, Connecticut, on the other side of a small river from Westerly. C.B. Cottrell Company revolutionized printing and became a major source for magazines and periodicals in the late 19th and early 20th century.

Now, many years later, the great great grandson of C.B. Cottrell, Charles Cottrell Buffum, Jr., is pleased to offer Cottrell Brewing Company and their flagship product, Old Yankee Ale. The micro brewery was established within the old factory walls and with the same pride and attention to quality that generations of Cottrells put into their presses for over 100 years. The brewery's present annual production is just 5,000 barrels, made primarily for the southern New England marketplace. Cottrell Brewing Company was formed in 1996, and is family owned by Charles and his wife Ann.

The company aims to provide only craft beers that are fresh, full of character, and at the top of their class. Their ales have since become the local beers of choice in Connecticut and Rhode Island.

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