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The sole brewer on Nantucket Island has been pleasing locals and visitors since 1995

Cisco Brewers is part of a unique family of brewers, winemakers, and distillers living on Nantucket Island in Massachusetts. This tiny microbrewery works closely with Nantucket Vineyard and Triple Eight Distillery to produce small batches of high quality brews, wine, spirits, and liqueurs. As said by the Cisco Brewers staff, "We are just about the coolest place on planet Earth."

The brewery was founded by Randy and Wendy Houston in 1995 Wendy had started homebrewing with some friends while living in California, and moved to Nantucket Island in 1992 where she met Randy. Not only did Wendy know Randy was her soul mate, but she had an intuition that he would make a great brewer - and she was right. After trying out a home brewing kit, Randy was hooked. He even converted a little pasta roller machine into a grain mill - his work at Something Natural (a Nantucket bakery) gave him the inspiration.

In late 1992, Randy and Wendy had the good fortune of meeting Dean and Melissa Long, the founders of Nantucket Vineyard in 1981. Randy and Wendy were looking for a place to live and ended up moving into the loft above their winery. The Hudsons’ home brewing operation began taking over the backyard, and at one point, Cisco Brewers had the distinction of being America's Only Outdoor Brewery.

When the Hudsons and the Longs realized they were both in need of more space for their operations, they decided to find a space together that would house both the brewery and winery facilities. In 1996, they moved into their new building and began talks of adding a distillery to round out their trifecta of alcohol brands. Triple Eight Distillery became a reality in 2000, with the help of Jay Harman, an acquaintance of Randy and Wendy who had been looking to start a brewery on Nantucket Island before he discovered Cisco was already doing it. He has been an incredible addition to the team and actually serves as Cisco's CEO today.

Today, Cisco is well loved by locals and visitors for bringing quality into every glass. It continues to rank as one of the top places in Nantucket. Cheers!

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