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A German inspired craft brewery in Itasca, Illinois

Located in Itasca, Illinois (just 10 miles west of Chicago), Church Street Brewing Company is a new craft brewery that’s quickly growing into a reputable name in the Chicago area. Owners Joe and Lisa Gregor use traditional German brewing methods to craft their wide range of Lagers and Ales that represent both old and new beer styles of European influence. In just their fourth year of production, the Gregors are churning out approachable, award-winning beers and continuing to grow their brewery's ever-expanding footprint in the region.

The idea for Church Street Brewing Company began when Joe Gregor's son, Steven, decided that his father needed a hobby and bought him some home brewing equipment. Little did he know how that small gift would change his parents' lives in the following years. Joe, a chemical engineer by trade, has traveled throughout Europe most of his working life and began educating himself on various brewing styles and techniques while abroad. It was in Germany where he discovered the beers he truly loved and they became the inspiration for the beers he brewed at home. After a few years of refining his home brews, Joe decided to follow his dream of starting a brewery. He and his wife Lisa found a spacious 8,300 square foot facility in their hometown of Itasca, Illinois and Church Street Brewing Company became a reality.

Church Street's brewhouse is a 30-barrel system designed with traditional German brewing practices in mind. Utilizing kettle mash-in techniques with the ability to perform decoction mashing, the brewery is fully capable of mimicking common German brewing procedures. All of Church Street's beer recipes stem from Joe's years of home brewing German-style Lagers and Ales and many of the brewing ingredients are indigenous to the German regions the beers either originated from.

Church Street beers are exclusively distributed throughout the Chicago area, making them nearly impossible to find unless you're a local. We hope you enjoy these two feature beers form Church Street. Cheers!

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