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A Choc beer recipe passed down from the local Choctaw Indians in the territory

A Choc beer recipe passed down from the local Choctaw Indians gives Oklahoma Breweries unique flavors that must be tasted to believe

The story behind Choc Beer Company dates back to the early 1900s when a young Pete Prichard immigrated with his family from San Gregorio Mango, Italy, to the coal mining community of Krebs, Oklahoma. When a job in mining didn't pan out, Pete turned to beer brewing, specifically a Choc beer recipe passed from the local Choctaw Indians in the territory to local Italian immigrants. Pete's first brew was in 1919 and he began making and selling the Choc beer from his home. It proved popular to the coal miners, who would gather in his home to buy and drink the beer, and before long, Pete opened a restaurant - "Pete's Place" - in his home as well.

Although Pete's business had some trouble operating during prohibition, he continued to make the illegally home brewed Choc beer available to his regular restaurant customers whenever possible.

In 1995, Joe Prichard, grandson of Pete, successfully reintroduced Choc beer as a "legal" part of the restaurant's tradition and the brand continues to grow today. With more than 12 distinctive craft brews, many of which are specially blended to honor friends and family, Choc Beer Company has come a long way but still remembers where it started. Today, Brewmaster Michael Lalli offers his talents to the brand and garners a number of awards for the family brewery.

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