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One of Colorado's newest craft breweries jumps aboard the canning movement

One of the great newcomers to the Colorado craft beer scene is Centennial Beer Company, headquartered in Fort Collins and founded by Bill Leary. The brewery came into existence in 2013 and honors the spirit of Colorado, the centennial state. Bill established Centennial Beer Company based on the belief that Colorado is ready for a new kind of craft beer experience and that there is an untapped market for simple, good craft beers in Colorado.

"We believe that there is a large population of beer drinkers in Colorado who are ready to transition from mass produced beers to craft beers, but want craft beers that are less complex and easier drinking," Bill Leary has explained. "Communicating this new style of craft beers will be a good challenge, but it is the type of challenge we love."

Centennial Beer Company is also embracing the canned beer movement, releasing their first two beers in the can - the All American Red Ale and All American Blonde Ale. Bill Leary chose to go the canning route since packaging beer in cans reduces light damage and the risk of oxidization, keeping beer fresher than in bottles. The canned craft beer trend continues to explode in growth and it is exciting to see new breweries joining the movement.

Bill Leary plans to release Centennial Beer Company's third beer in a can this fall - an All American Brown Ale. The three beers will serve as the brewery's staples and they will also develop seasonals to round out their offerings.

Centennial Beer Company is off to a strong and steady start, with a unique vision and two distinct, crowd-pleasing beers to show for it. Whether you're just joining the craft beer movement or you're looking for a lighter craft beer option, Centennial Beer Company is sure to impress your palate. Enjoy!