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One of Portland, Maine's premier craft breweries taking brewing to the next level

Casco Bay Brewing Company was founded by Bob Wade and Mike Lacharite in 1994, and ever since has distinguished itself by brewing exceptional Ales and Lagers in Portland, Maine. Casco Bay beers have been recognized across the country at both the World Beer Cup and the Great American Beer Festival, garnering a number of Gold Medals and building a solid reputation over the years.

The company finds its unique approach to brewing by importing grains and hops from Germany, England, Belgium and Canada, and blending them with those from the United States to adjust the flavor, color, and mouthfeel of each individual brew. The result is a lineup of specialty craft beers that are unlike any others in the region, state, and even the country.

In 2008, Casco Bay was acquired by Shipyard Brewing Company and became a sister brand. The beers are now brewed and bottled in the Shipyard facility near the Portland, Maine waterfront, with access to premium equipment and resources. With Shipyard being one of Maine's largest original microbreweries, the increased exposure has proven very rewarding for the tiny Casco Bay brand.

Today, Casco Bay beers are distributed throughout New England under its own label, as well as its Carrabassett brand. There are currently nine Ales and Lagers being produced by Casco Bay, all made with the purpose of drinkability, consistency, and balance in small batches and using only the finest ingredients. Enjoy Casco Bay's two flagship brews, selected especially for our discerning Craft Beer Club members. Cheers!