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Takes a unique approach to brewing with its California-focused beer

Calicraft Brewing Company, an East Bay Area brewery dedicated to all things California, was founded in May 2012 by veteran homebrewer Blaine Landberg. The brewery is known for taking unexpected, California-grown ingredients (such as starthistle honey, Cluster hops, and anis hyssop) and incorporating them into the beers. And as true Californians, they push the boundaries of style, taste, and even the definition of beer. Now in their fourth year of production, Calicraft has grown to make a handful of carefully thought out, ‘crafted’ beers that are distinctly and appropriately California in style.

Growing up outside of Chico, California, Blaine Landberg comes from a family of homebrewers and was inspired early on to someday start his own brewery. He brewed his first batch of beer while in the dorms at UC Berkeley and continued his homebrewing hobby after graduating and living in Oakland. Many of his Calicraft beers (and their names) actually take inspiration from the Berkeley and Oakland areas.

Before starting Calicraft Brewing Company, Blaine was one of the founding employees at Honest Tea. Starting as an intern, he worked his way up to sales manager and operations/production manager. He found the fundamentals of brand building through distribution and retail to be quite similar between tea and beer, and his experience with the company proved to be incredibly beneficial when the time came to start Calicraft.

The brewery was officially launched in 2012 with the Oaktown Brown Ale, Cali Coast Kölsch (then called the Cali Colsch), and Buzzerkeley (a beer meets wine beverage). Its new taproom in Walnut Creek offers tastes of all their beers, including samples of small, limited batch beers. Calicraft’s distribution is still very limited as well, making these beers hard to find if you aren’t a Bay Area resident (who knows where to look). Enjoy these two special selections from a very promising newcomer. Cheers!

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