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Oregon’s original craft brewery, BridgePort uses the freshest local ingredients from the Willamette Valley to craft premium beer as unique as the city that drinks it.

The oldest craft brewery in Oregon, BridgePort Brewing Company helped revolutionize the American brew industry with award-winning beers using the freshest, local ingredients. Opened in 1984 by local winemakers Richard and Nancy Ponzi, the brewery has been hailed for its innovation and high quality craft beers since its inception. BridgePort Brewing Company is located in the thriving Pearl District of Portland, Oregon and strives to uphold the long-lasting legacy dedicated to the region’s evolving craft beer scene.

Richard and Nancy Ponzi are two pioneers in Oregon’s wine and brewing industry. In 1970, they founded the now world-renowned Ponzi Vineyards, helping in the process to prove what’s now a given - that the Willamette Valley is indeed a perfect place for making Pinot Noir and other wines. Then, in 1984, they launched BridgePort Brewing Company, the state’s first craft brewery, which they felt was a natural extension of winemaking. It’s almost serendipitous that the brewery was established in this region, with access to clear glacial water from Mount Hood and fresh malts and hops at nearby local farms. Since the beginning, BridgePort has been a Portland landmark, tourist destination and beer lover’s paradise.

In 1995, BridgePort was acquired by a Texas-based company who expanded its capacity and distribution capabilities. They are continuing to evolve BridgePort from a microbrewery to a regional leader, while staying true to the original award-winning beer recipes and high quality sustainability standards of the self-proclaimed ‘hop-forward’ brewery.

Brewmaster Jeffrey Edgerton has been a welcome addition to the BridgePort team, bringing with him years of brewing, chemistry and microbiology experience. He has helped build on BridgePort’s stellar reputation and establish the craft brewery as a regional trailblazer with IPA’s and other hoppy beers. We at The Original Craft Beer Club hope you enjoy these two selections from one of Oregon’s most well known craft breweries. Cheers!

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