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Family owned in Marshall, Minnesota, Brau Brothers Brewing Co. is as hard-working as they come, crafting unique small-batch ales and lagers from the finest ingredients.

If your family name was Brau and you ever considered any business other than the brewing industry, some might consider you a bit off base. Not so with Dustin Brau and his brothers who are owners of the notable Brau Brothers Brewing Company of Marshall, Minnesota. For the record, Marshall is a small town of around 13,000 in southwest Minnesota on the Redwood River.

It all started in 1999 when Dustin and his wife Mary graduated with degrees in hotel management from Southwest Minnesota State. The pair established a restaurant named Brau Haus with a smallish taproom in nearby (25 miles) Lucan, a town of only 200 people.

Some thirteen years later, the business had outgrown tiny Lucan and a decision to open a new facility prompted Dustin and Mary Brau and brothers Trevor and Brady Brau to expand to Marshall. The new digs occupied about 40,000 square feet - ample room for their developing brewery.

A relic fire engine ‘Old 56’ from Lucan (Dustin Brau was a volunteer fireman there) is the centerpiece of the new facility that was completed in 2013. Production has steadily grown and currently stands at around 7,000 barrels per annum. If the business success continues, Dustin Brau feels that the 10,000 barrel mark is within reach and has designed the facility with that goal in mind.

Brau Brother Brewing also owns the largest hop yard in the upper Midwest that is flanked by the company’s own estate barley field. “Good ingredients are the keys to great beer,” commented Dustin Brau, “so we decided to grow our own. It was the best decision we ever made.”

Brau points to the growth of the craft beer industry as the key to his company’s success. “We grew as the industry grew,” he added. “We gained knowledge and experience as we went on and are delighted that we are still in business after twenty years.”

Brau Brothers Brewing is found in neighboring Wisconsin as well as Michigan, the Dakotas, Iowa and Nebraska, a remarkable feat for the still smallish operation. Dustin and Mary still work full time in the business that must be considered among the finest craft breweries in the Midwest.

We are elated to share this brewery with our Craft Beer Club members!

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