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Developing ales and lagers at the flavor forefront of their styles

Colorado's first microbrewery and the 43rd licensed brewery in the United States, the Boulder Beer Company is an innovative, passionate group with an equally creative lineup of award-winning craft beers. The brewery was founded in 1979 by David Hummer, Alvin Nelson, and Randolf Ware on a small farm northeast of Boulder, Colorado. The brew house was in a shed that actually shared space with a few goats!

Even though they were small in size, Boulder Beer Company was earning industry and consumer accolades for their line of bold Boulder Beers and popularity was growing at a rapid speed. Five years later, it was time to expand into a larger facility and the brewery moved to its current site in Boulder with a 50-barrel brew house and top-of-the-line packaging equipment.

In 1990, Gina Day and Diane Greenlee bought the Boulder Beer Company and brought in Brewmaster David Zuckerman. Together, they took Boulder Beer Company to the next level and began introducing some experimental ales that were anything but mainstream. Thanks to their work, Boulder's beers have remained one step ahead of the craft beer curve, developing Ales and Lagers at the flavor forefront of their styles.

Boulder's Mojo India Pale Ale continues to be one of the best sellers and was created as a citrusy IPA when big flavors and aromas were just coming in style. It's become quite clear that whatever Boulder Beer Company decides to brew, they do it to stand out, and they do it well.

The Boulder Beer Company is also known for its eco-friendliness, serving as a sponsoring partner in the city's "10 for a Change Challenge" program to reduce energy consumption and increase energy efficiency. In addition, the Brew Pub is PACE Certified (Partners for a Clean Environment). Here's a brewery that sets an example in more ways that one! Cheers!

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