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Boone Brewing Company - Blowing Rock Brewing Company

North Carolina

Arriving on the scene with premium mountain brews and a supportive local following

Born in Boone County, North Carolina, Boone Brewing Company takes pride in offering the High Country's own Blowing Rock brand of beers to mountaineers and fans of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Premium American beer dedicated to suit the tastes of both casual beer drinkers and true craft beer connoisseurs, owners Todd Rice and Jeff Walker are confident their Blowing Rock brews capture the essence of the High Country with their refreshing flavors and perfect balance between hops and malt.

The concept for the Blowing Rock brand was conceived in 2005, as Todd and Jeff recognized a demand for a locally recognized brew. Todd, a High Country native, and Jeff, an entrepreneur who moved his family to the High Country in 2001, joined forces to create a beer that captures the feel of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Before coming to Boone Brewing Company, Jeff worked for an international beer and wine distributor, creating brands and selling products. Todd complements Jeff's experience with a healthy resume of marketing, public relations and sales.

Together, Todd and Jeff have perfected their local brand with a popular line-up of premium craft beers. Enjoy this month's Craft Beer Club selections and embrace the lifestyle of Boone County, North Carolina - refreshing and relaxing. Cheers!

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