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Pioneering the craft beer industry in Madison, Alabama with exemplary beers

Founded in 2010 in Madison, Alabama, Blue Pants Brewery was born out of a love of craft beer and the craft beer culture. Its owners, Mike and Allison Spratley, began their journey with craft beer in 2007 while living in Seattle, Washington. Mike was inspired by the local craft breweries and took up homebrewing in his free time. When the couple returned to their hometown of Madison, Alabama, they realized the city needed a serious boost in its own craft beer culture. The idea for Blue Pants Brewery came about and the Spratleys, along with their families, became dedicated to turning their brewing dreams into a reality.

Mike and Allison decided to start small. In less than 400 square feet of space and with donated brewing equipment, the original (tiny) Blue Pants nano-brewery began as a labor of love in Madison. With the help of Mike’s parents, his brothers, and longtime friend (and fellow brewer) Charles Acker, the brewery impressively grew in its first year to produce up to 42 barrels in a month. Since everyone maintained full-time jobs, the brewery was built on holidays, nights and weekends and all of the money made from beer sales was poured right back into the brewery to help it grow. Their hard work certainly paid off and just two years after opening its doors, in 2012, Blue Pants Brewery was forced to relocate and expand just to keep up with the demand! The new 10,000 square foot facility, along with its state-of-the-art new brewing equipment, has been an exciting step for the small family brewery.

The name of the brewery - Blue Pants - is a combination of Allison and Mike’s nicknames (Allison was called “Blue” due to her bright blue eyes, and Mike’s college nickname was “Pants”). The goal at the brewery is to brew ‘unreasonably good beer’ - whether its a classically made Pale Ale or a unique Bourbon Barrel Aged Scotch Ale. Each brew is handcrafted in limited quantities, made with top quality ingredients, and some of the specialty ales have pants-inspired names (Pinstripe, Tuxedo, and Amber Waders, to name a few).

Cheers to this hard-working family brewery, their delicious beers, and to pioneering the craft beer industry in Madison, Alabama. We hope you enjoy this month’s Blue Pants selections.

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