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Sheridan, Wyoming’s most highly awarded brewery crafts fun, unique, high quality craft beers from the heart of the wild, wild west.

Founded by Travis Zeilstra and Tim Barnes in 2010, Black Tooth Brewing Company is located in Sheridan, Wyoming, in the heart of the wild west and at the base of the majestic Big Horn Mountains. The brewery takes its name from nearby Black Tooth Peak, while the beers are named after Sheridan landmarks, Wyoming symbols, and local culture. While still relatively new, Black Tooth Brewing Company has already established itself as a major player in the state and we are thrilled to feature their beers in our craft beer of the month club.

Travis Zeilstra discovered his passion for beer while attending the Western Culinary Institute in Portland, Oregon. His formal chef training allows him to approach brewing in a completely unique way, treating beer as food and perfecting his recipes to deliver high quality, consistent execution with each batch. Travis worked as a chef and brewer at Enzo restaurant (Billings, Montana), Montana Brewing Company, and Pelican Pub & Brewery (Pacific City, Oregon) before teaming up with business partner Tim Barnes to open Black Tooth Brewing Company.

Since opening its doors in November 2010, Black Tooth has taken home medals from the Great American Beer Festival every year, as well as a handful of Gold Medals from the World Beer Cup.

The focus at Black Tooth is not pushing the limits with cutting-edge craft beer styles (no blueberry ales here!), but rather, the goal is to produce excellently crafted classic styles that are approachable, well-balanced, and able to pair well with any number of foods. With their impressive collection of medals and awards, it’s obvious they’re doing something right.

Black Tooth Brewing Company had a very humble beginning, opening with only a 10 BBL brewhouse and two employees - Tim Barnes and Travis Zeilstra. This small start quickly led way to future expansions, and in the spring of 2015, Black Tooth had completed construction on a top-of-the-line production facility capable of producing 50,000 BBLS a year. Their taproom in downtown Sheridan offers a relaxing yet vivacious vibe where locals and travelers alike enjoy fresh pints of Black Tooth’s wide range of award-winning craft beers.

The vision of being a leader in creating quality craft beer in the Rocky Mountain region has now become a reality for Black Tooth Brewing Company. We are happy to present two of their popular offerings to our Craft Beer Club members. Cheers!