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From a small Belfast brewpub to one of the largest craft breweries in Maine

A family owned micro-brewery in Belfast, Maine, near the Canadian provinces of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, Belfast Brewing Company has been brewing New England inspired beers since 1996. The brewery produces three year round Ales, the Lobster Ale, McGovern’s Oatmeal Stout, and the newest addition, Stone Crab IPA. Although the brewery has grown into one of the largest in the state, the beers are still fairly hard to find outside of the region.

Belfast Brewing Company was founded when long-time restaurant owners, Pat Mullen and his wife Brenda, decided it was time to make the jump into brewing. The couple had previously operated a general store, a few ice cream parlours, and a restaurant called “The Barn” before finally opening Belfast Bay in 1996. It began as a brewpub, with Pat installing a 7-barrel brewing system in his restaurant and building a bar to serve not only his beers, but a selection from other local brewers as well. He also hired Dan McGovern, formerly of Lake St. George Brewing, to serve as brewmaster for the new brewpub.

With their close proximity to Canada, where nearly every brewery makes a Red Ale (unlike the United States where Red Ales are not as well known), Brenda suggested that Pat make a Maine Red Ale and name it ‘Lobster Ale.’ It immediately became the flagship beer for Belfast Bay Brewing Company and it continues to be the most popular offering in the lineup today.

Today, Belfast Bay beers are made in a much larger facility (to better keep up with demand), and Pat’s focus remains on building the growing distribution. He has sold his restaurant and the original brewpub location, although he still enjoys visiting every month to brew a small 5-gallon batch. We hope you enjoy these New England Ales, from one of Maine’s favorite craft breweries.


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