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An award-winning microbrewery crafts innovative, locally inspired ales and lagers to complement the Cajun cuisine and culture of South Louisiana.

Bayou Teche Brewing was founded in 2010 by brothers Byron, Dorsey, and Karlos Knott in the heart of Arnaudville, Louisiana. Here, near the banks of the Bayou Teche (a 125- mile long waterway), the Knott brothers have built an award-winning brewery, tap room, and beer garden that embraces the Cajun and Creole lifestyle central to South Louisiana.

It all started when Karlos Knott was on a six-year deployment in West Germany. Living in Europe, he learned to appreciate the regional foods and beers of many countries, and how they had evolved to complement each other. He dreamed of creating craft beers that would pair with the Cajun cuisine he grew up eating, and eventually he took up home brewing. Karlos taught himself to make several styles of beer and fine-tuned recipes until he was satisfied that they complemented Cajun and Creole food. After returning home to Arnaudville, Louisiana, Karlos collaborated with his brothers and brewed commemorative batches of beer for their family’s holiday meals.

In 2009 on St. Patrick’s Day, the Knott brothers converted a discarded railroad car on their family farm into a farmhouse brewery, and a year later marked the beginning of Bayou Teche Brewing. This “cultural brewery” only crafts beers that fit in with Cajun South Louisiana food, music, and language. There are also stories around each beer and beer name, upholding the Knott brothers’ heritage of growing up in the South.

Bayou Teche Brewing is completely family owned and operated with the Knott brothers and their family members all holding unique roles at the brewery and taproom.

The brewery has since expanded to a much larger facility, adjacent to the original site, and offers a range of well-rounded activities to locals and tourists alike. From brewery-yoga to hosting live bands and musicians in the beer garden, to serving up homemade Cajun food and offering personal tours - it’s clear that Bayou Teche is much more than just a brewery. It is a place where family, community, culture, music, food, and, of course, high quality, skillfully brewed beer all come together.

We are happy to share this authentic Louisiana craft brewery with our craft beer of the month club members. Enjoy!

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