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A new-age splash to ancient Belgian brewing traditions in Scottsdale

Founded in 2012 by Lewis Kubitz, Bad Water Brewing is Scottsdale, Arizona’s newest and most progressive craft brewery focusing on old brewing traditions with a new-age, Southwestern style. The brewery, which is headquartered in Old Town Scottsdale, only produces three beers - a Saison, IPA, and Western Lager. Each can be enjoyed at the company’s new taproom, open every evening Tuesday through Saturday, located just off the main street of downtown.

Lewis Kubitz grew up in Scottsdale and comes from a long line of entrepreneurs - in fact, he’s the fourth generation in his family to start his own business. His former professional background was in finance for corporate America, but his passion for beer and marketing - and the itch to start something on his own - lead him to the dynamic craft brewing industry.

The first Bad Water beer Lewis launched in 2012 was the Saison. It was a bold choice for a flagship beer considering it’s a lesser known style and typically only available in larger format 750-mL bottles. The risk paid off though, and Bad Water’s Saison is incredibly popular among locals, praised for its complexity, drinkability, and its approachable-yet-distinctive flavors of grains, spices, hops, and malts.

With each of his beers, Lewis is dedicated to quality, character, originality and taste and his incredibly creative brewing strategies certainly shine through in each bottle. Bad Water’s edgy yet sophisticated marketing style has also been successful, setting the tiny brewery apart from the others in Arizona, while appealing to the younger generation of craft beer fanatics. While Lewis acknowledges that the craft beer industry is competitive, there is also a great sense of support and camaraderie and it’s by far the most rewarding business he’s ever been a part of.

In line with Bad Water’s progressive brewing style, our Craft Beer Club members will notice that both of Bad Water’s beers are unfiltered. Many brewers feel that filtering strips beers of their natural richness and complex flavor compounds, and that leaving them unfiltered is a more natural and effective brewing method. This movement is on the cutting edge of the craft beer industry, much like the introduction of canned craft beers years back. Cheers to Bad Water Brewing, a company off to an excellent start with a very promising future.

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