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A hot spot for award-winning Colorado-style beers.

Aspen Brewing Company was founded in 2008 by Duncan Clauss, an entrepreneurial graduate from the University of Colorado. Duncan initially came to Boulder, Colorado following his ski hobby, and often frequented the nearby popular ski town of Aspen. He was also exposed to the growing Colorado craft beer scene and became an avid home brewer with his college roommates.

Duncan realized the one thing his favorite ski town was missing was its own hometown brewery. Aspen’s brewing history actually dates back to 1885 with the original ‘Aspen Brewery,’ which was eventually purchased by the P.H. Zang Company of Denver in 1902. In 1990, the nationally known Flying Dog Brew Pub was opened by George Stranahan and Richard McIntyre in downtown Aspen, and it thrived there until it was moved to Denver three years later (now the company is located in Maryland). Aspen was left without a brewery for more than a decade, and Duncan was convinced it was the perfect place to pursue opening one of his own. After graduating, he moved to Aspen in hopes of putting the resort town back on the Colorado beer map.

Aspen Brewing Company’s original location was on the edge of town across the Roaring Fork River. It was a tiny 2,000 square foot space, but it provided a great start for Aspen Brewing Company with a seven barrel brew house and an intimate space for a tasting room. The brewery opened its doors in March 2008, and the business only continues to grow.

In 2010, Aspen Brewing Company moved to its current (larger) downtown location and has since become a hot spot for tourists and locals. From the casual, friendly ambiance, to its fresh, local, small batch microbrews, Aspen Brewing Company offers a throwback to when the town was more about the unique experience than it was the glitz. Visitors enjoy the tasting room’s board games, free live music, and BYOF (bring your own food) philosophy. Plus, anyone would agree their Colorado-style brews are the tastiest, most skillfully crafted beers around. Cheers!

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