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One of Texas’ top craft breweries revives a legendary brand with a range of traditionally made, medal-winning beers in the heart of San Antonio.

Brewed just a half mile away from the historic “Shrine of Texas Liberty” - The Alamo, the Alamo Beer Company is steeped in tradition. Originally founded in the 1880’s, ‘Alamo Beer’ went dormant at the beginning of Prohibition and it wasn’t until 1997 that Eugene Simor revived the name, trademarked it, and began brewing a beer called Alamo once again. Today, with the help of Brewmaster Gregg Spickler and a world-class brewing team, Eugene Simor’s Alamo Beer Company combines local craftsmanship and pride with high quality ingredients to produce exquisite craft beer.

Eugene Simor originally found a partner in Real Ale Brewing in Blanco, Texas and had his market debut with the Alamo Golden Ale in 2003. It was a great introductory lighter style ale that appealed to a wide array of craft beer drinkers. After ten years of contract brewing though, Eugene was ready to embark on his dream of building a brewery and expanding the Alamo Beer Company brand.

In 2014, Alamo Beer Company began construction on its current home in San Antonio - a stunning 18,000 square foot brewery, beer hall and beer garden. The brewery’s half-mile proximity to the historic Alamo and the newly renovated Hays Street Bridge certainly sweetened the deal. Production in the new facility began in December 2014, marking the first time since the start of Prohibition in 1919 that a beer named ‘Alamo’ was produced in the Alamo City. The beer hall and beer garden opened on March 6, 2015, the 179th anniversary of the Battle of the Alamo.

Alamo Beer Company has incorporated several traditional brewing methods into its brewery. First is the brewhouse, which allows the temperature of the mash to increase to various degrees during the mashing stage. The brewery’s design is taken straight from Germany and the large onion domes on the kettles and large copper wort grant clearly resembles those of German brewers. An ‘Old World’ step of using a ‘pitch tank’ is also utilized - a process seldom seen in modern craft breweries. Alamo Beer Company has twelve single-wall lagering tanks - another extra step in the process that allows cold-conditioning of the beer for longer periods of time. This results in smoother, more flavorful beer.

Eugene Simor is fiercely dedicated to brewing the best craft beer possible. Many of his beers are nationally recognized and awarded, and the brewery itself has been named one of the Best Craft Beer Breweries in America by TimeOut, New York. We are pleased to offer two of Alamo’s most popular selections to our Craft Beer Club members. Enjoy!

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1. What are Hazy IPA’s?
In 2018, the Brewers Association made the “Juicy/Hazy IPA” an official beer category. While it’s impossible to know when the first Hazy IPA was brewed, we do know that a handful of small, independent brewers in Vermont were serving opaque IPA’s to consumers as early as 2015. Within a year, more than a dozen breweries in and around Vermont were producing Hazy IPA’s, which is why these beers were quickly referred to as New England-style IPA’s.

So what are they?

Hazy IPA’s are characterized by their opaque (hazy) appearance and juicy body. Oftentimes, brewers will include a small amount of oat, wheat, or other adjuncts into the beer’s mashbill, which produces a haziness but can also give the beer a fuller body and softer mouthfeel. These beers are also left unfiltered. When compared to IPA’s, Hazy’s use their hops primarily for aroma while IPA’s are aggressively hopped to achieve big, bitter flavors like grapefruit, lemon rind, and peppery pine. Hazy IPA’s have more balanced flavors and are typically more easy drinking that IPA’s as well. It’s no wonder that Hazy IPA’s appeal to a wider audience of drinkers.

Eugene Simor - Owner

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