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One of the fastest growing craft breweries in the Midwest pushes the boundaries to create the best, most unique beers possible

Opened in 2012 by founder/brewmaster Grant Pauly, 3 Sheeps Brewing Co. is all about being different - brewing beers that nobody else is brewing, in ways that nobody else is brewing them, and with ingredients that others are afraid to use. Yet, no matter how extreme the ingredients and processes may be, each beer is brewed to be approachable and well balanced. It is with this unique brewing philosophy that 3 Sheeps Brewing Co. has achieved great success and become one of the top craft breweries in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.

The story behind 3 Sheeps actually dates back to 1926 when Grant Pauly’s great grandparents purchased a brewery, renamed it Kingsbury Breweries, and took it nationwide. Grant may have never walked those floors, but his father did, and the stories Grant grew up hearing would be the initial spark in a lifelong passion for beer. Fast-forward many years to when Grant’s wife gave him a brewing kit for his birthday, and it ignited a homebrewing hobby that turned into a dream of owning his own brewery.

Prior to founding 3 Sheeps, Grant Pauly was working for his family’s concrete business. While it was a challenging, steady job, Grant found it difficult getting excited about concrete and working for a corporation just wasn’t for him. When the only brewpub in town went out of business, he jumped at the opportunity of using the space, and a few short months later, 3 Sheeps Brewing Co. became a reality. In the brewery’s first year, it was named RateBeer’s Best New Brewery in Wisconsin, a state overflowing with fantastic beer, and Grant knew he was on to something.

The name of the brewery, ‘3 Sheeps’ is a play on the expression Three Sheets to the Wind (sheeps was chosen in honor of the agricultural Midwest) and the grammatically incorrectness is a reminder to never take life too seriously.

The brewery has since expanded and today is located in a 40,000 square foot facility that formerly housed a Coca Cola distribution plant. Grant and his 3 Sheeps team enjoy showing people a different side of beer in Wisconsin and continue to push the limits with their cutting-edge styles. We are proud to present 3 Sheeps to our Craft Beer Club members!

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Trivia Time!

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1. What is ‘Chill Haze?’
Without being overly technical, the phenomenon known as ‘chill haze’ is a colloidal haze that forms when proteins from the malt form a loose bond with polyphenols from the hops. This haze compound forms at colder temperatures (hence the name), and normally, when the beer warms back up, the haze disappears. You can observe this after you pour the beer with chill haze into a glass and watch it clear up as the beer warms. Chill Haze will usually develop into a permanent condition over time, but it is usually just regarded as a cosmetic problem. There are several ways to combat chill haze while brewing, including adding enzymes to your wort.

2. What is a Seidel glass?
A Seidel is the only beer glass with a handle, and the German name for beer mugs or krugs. They are typically very heavy and sturdy, they can have different textures and come in different sizes.

Grant Pauly - Founder & Brewmaster

Picture of Grant Pauly - Founder & Brewmaster