16 Mile Brewing



Celebrating the rich history of Delaware by crafting traditional English-style ales

Founded in 2009 by Chad Campbell and Brett McCrea, 16 Miles Brewing Company is located in Georgetown, Delaware where it has a unique story to tell. The brewery salutes the rich history and heritage of Delaware and names its craft beers after historical landmarks and Delaware’s culture.

After growing up in Sussez County and attending the same high school and college, Chad Campbell and Brett McCrea were drawn down different career paths before joining together for 16 Mile Brewing Company. Chad’s professional background includes private banking, real estate and teaching science, while Brett spent ten years with the U.S. government working in the field of counter-terrorism. Both Chad and Brett eventually tired from their careers and moved back to Delaware’s Sussex County, a place they both believed was a great area to raise a family and a perfect spot for new business ventures. The friends found they shared a passion for home brewing English-style beers and decided to establish 16 Mile Brewing Company - the ultimate joint venture and the perfect way to capitalize on Chad and Brett’s unique skills and backgrounds.

The ‘16 Mile Brewing Company’ name refers back to the late 1700’s when Georgetown was still known as Pettijohn’s Old Field. It was a rather isolated town, yet it was centrally located in Sussex County and “16 miles from anywhere” in the county. It became the best place for farmers, merchants, and politicians to meet and conduct business, and legislators eventually moved the County Seat from Lewes to Georgetown to better accommodate the county residents.

16 Mile Brewing Company currently offers six craft Ales and three limited edition draft series that include collaborations with other top brewers. In fact, 16 Mile Brewery was recently awarded the 2014 Brewery Partnership of the Year with British brewery Copper Dragon at the International Beer Awards in Rome. Each of 16 Mile’s beers have garnered awards and recognition from top national reviewers or international competitions. While these beers are certainly in high demand, 16 Mile Brewing Company is choosing to limit its growth so the owners can remain deeply involved in the entire brewing process. We hope you enjoy a sampling from this celebrated craft brewery, and salute to the rich history of Delaware!

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