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Named Best Pub & Brewery in Central Oregon

10 Barrel Brewing Company dates back to 2006 when twin brothers Chris and Jeremy Cox decided to brew their own beer and it's a perfect example of why Oregon Breweries are so popular. The brothers were co-owners of a successful bar and grill in downtown Bend, Oregon and while they didn’t have any direct experience brewing, shared a deep passion for craft beers and were determined to break into the industry.

Chris and Jeremy’s brewery was founded as a small startup called Wildfire Brewing in 2006, and the brothers focused on selling their Oregon beer to local bars and restaurants. It wasn’t until they changed the name to 10 Barrel Brewing Company (after the small craft brewing system) in 2009, and brought in two award-winning brewers that business really took off. In January of 2011, Chris and Jeremy hired Jimmy Seifrit, the Brew master of the largest brewery in town and the largest independent brewery in the state - Deschutes Brewery.

With Jimmy’s help, the 10 Barrel Brewing team expanded to a much larger 50 barrel brew house and hired brewer all-star Tonya Cornett of the local brewery, Bend Brewing, to take over the smaller 10 barrel brew house for special releases and product development. The 10 Barrel Brewpub, located close to downtown Bend, Oregon is hugely popular and has become a local favorite with a full restaurant and many beers on tap.

10 Barrel Brewery10 Barrel Brewing has an extensive beer list with a variety of styles to satisfy all beer lovers needs, including: IPAs, Pilsners, Pale Ales, Ciders, Stouts, Double IPAs, Lagers, Saisons, and more. The first beer brewed back in 2006, which still remains a popular beer on tap at the Brewpubs and tasting rooms, is named Code 24. Fun fact, this Pale Ale, Code 24, got its name for being the code fire fighters call over the radio to go grab a 24 pack of beer when the fire is out.

In early 2013, 10 Barrel Brewing Company expanded further, opening a pub in Boise, Idaho. This growth has greatly expanded the brewery’s presence in the pacific northwest and brothers Chris and Jeremy couldn’t be prouder of their progress. The brewing focus has remained the same since 2006 - creating unique, thought provoking and interesting beers, with an emphasis on having fun. Their philosophy encompasses both the scientific and artistic expressions of brewing and the public certainly has been responding well to the brand.

The growth doesn’t stop there, for in 2014, 10 Barrel partnered with Anheuser-Busch as a member of The High End, and their family of craft brands. Many craft beer lovers were unsettled by this news, fearing it would cause the unique craft beer to worsen due to typical associations with Anheuser-Busch making weak, bland, mass-produced beers. Thankfully, Anheuser Busch has no intention of lowering the quality of the beer companies they purchase, but rather are trying to enter the craft beer segment with the products people already love. They have announced that 10 Barrel Brewing Company makes great beer; hence they were a prime target company. Why would Anheuser Busch purposely ruin a good product?

The expansions continued when brewpubs were opened in Portland, Oregon in 2015, in Denver, Colorado in 2016, and in San Diego, California and a second in Bend, Oregon in 2017.

In 2019, the brewing company ventured out to make a bold new beer. They released a new world twist on an old world Belgian style beer, resulting in the Ambre Roche. For this brew, they have taken a three-year wild beer, barrel aged in Pinot barrels with kumquats and vanilla to balance out the complex tartness. The seasonal release, sour, fancy beer has become increasingly popular! Maybe one day it will be on the menu full time rather than just seasonal.

10 Barrel Brewing Company was named Best Pub and Best Brewery in Central Oregon by Source Weekly Magazine in 2010, in addition to being named the Best Pub by Central Oregon Magazine in 2011. Their beers have won numerous awards as well! We are excited to be able to deliver craft beers to our Beer Club members across the country. Enjoy!

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