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The Duck-Rabbit Craft Brewery

North Carolina

The dark beer specialists of North Carolina, Duck-Rabbit Craft Brewery focuses on under-represented beer styles with an enormous range of flavor possibilities.

Founded in 2004, Duck-Rabbit Craft Brewery crafts exclusively “dark” beers in the town of Farmville, North Carolina. The owner and headbrewer behind the brand is Paul Philippon who used to be a university philosophy teacher. The name of the brewery, and the logo, is a tie to his former life and references the Duck-Rabbit diagram from one of his favorite philosophy texts - Philosophical Investigations by Ludwig Wittgenstein. The diagram, which looks like a duck or a rabbit, depending on the viewer’s perspective, also relatives to the brewery’s specialty of dark beers. As Owner Paul Philippon has explained, “Many people don’t see beyond their first impression of a dark beer: color. The Duck-Rabbit line-up demonstrates that different dark beers can be refreshing, thirst quenching, hoppy, balanced, and robust. With our beer, as with our logo, a second look might reveal something you didn’t expect.”

Dark beers are usually an under-represented part of the market, and we applaud Paul Philippon for not only making such a high-risk decision, but also succeeding! While most breweries include just one or two dark beers in their line-up, or skip them all together, Paul’s portfolio is strictly made up of dark beers and they have become extremely popular. His celebrated Milk Stout is Duck-Rabbit’s flagship brew, and other offerings include an Amber Ale, Brown Ale, and Porter. Paul also brews a handful of seasonals that are made in very limited supply.

Located in Farmville, North Carolina, a small rural town in the eastern part of the state, The Duck-Rabbit Craft Brewery has become a small brewery with a lot of intrigue. From its odd location to its funny name, optical illusion logo, and countless national and international awards, this is a brewery that definitely stands out from the crowd.

We hope our Craft Beer Club members enjoy getting to know this brewer and a couple of his best brews, but first we have to ask - what do you see? The duck or the rabbit? Cheers!

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1. Who is Alan Pugsley and what is his significance in the craft brewing movement?
Alan Pugsley was one of the most influential players in the revival of craft brewing. He joined Peter Austin & Partners and the Ringwood Brewery in 1982, after graduating from Manchester University with a degree in biochemistry. He learned the brewing process from the ground up, overseeing the formulation of a wide range of ales and traditional English beers. During his time at Ringwood, he supervised the installation of 20 breweries around the world, and also collaborated with Peter Austin in the development of the original Peter Austin brick kettle brewing system. Peter Austin’s brewing philosophy has withstood the test of time and to date, more than 120 Austin systems have been installed worldwide. In 1986, Alan Pugsley arrived in the United States to help set up the D.L. Geary Brewing Company in Portland, Maine and has since helped set up more than 70 breweries in North America. He is focused on helping clients produce balanced, consistent, English-style beers and has been dubbed the ‘Johnny Appleseed of Craft Brewing’ by a well known trade journal.