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Thanks for visiting the Original Craft Beer Club Blog! Below you'll find an array of craft beer-themed posts addressing all aspects of this wondrous libation! We've included explanations to frequently asked craft beer questions, many of which have been answered in the Beer Trivia section of our monthly "Micro Brew News" publication that accompanies your Craft Beer Club shipments. We also offer delicious beer recipes, dive into some tricks of the trade and much more. If you're interested in all things craft beer - this is the blog for you!

If you have a question or topic related to craft beer that you'd like to see on our blog, email us with your suggestions and you may see it appear in a future blog post. Better yet, send us your guest blog posts regarding craft beer and if we select it to be posted on our blog site, we'll give you credit and send you a complimentary craft beer club shipment!