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Where does the word ‘beer’ come from?

The word ‘beer’ comes from the Latin word ‘bibere,’ meaning to drink.

What is the Tutankhamun Ale?

The Tutankhamun Ale is one of the most expensive beers in the world as it’s prepared according to the recipe recovered by a group of University of Cambridge archaeologists in Queen Nefertiti’s Temple of the Sun in Egypt. The recipe is over 3,250 years old! It is produced in limited and numbered editions.

What is the world’s first ‘Space Beer?’

Beer in space? You read right! In 2006, Japanese and Russian scientists tested how well barley could grow in space and rocketed barley seeds to the International Space Station and planted them aboard the Zvezda Service Module. After spending five months in orbit, the barley was brought back to earth, where Japanese brewer Sapporo fermented it into the world’s first space beer. A six-pack costs $110.

Originally published in our Craft Beer Club's Micro Brew News, Sly Fox Brewing Company edition.

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