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When was the modern day ‘growler’ invented?

The modern day growler is believed to have been invented in 1989 by the Otto Brothers Brewery as a means to offer “beer-to-go.” Today, the use of glass growlers by beer patrons is estimated to have stopped over 1 billion cans and bottles from going into the trash each year, and it’s a great way for brewery visitors to take home a larger batch of freshly-brewed beer. This idea of taking “beer-to-go” dates hundreds of years back though, with workers stopping by saloons and filling a bucket of beer to take home with them.

When beer is poured into a glass, why do some bubbles go down instead of up?

Bubbles are lighter than beer, so it would make sense for them to rise upward, but it has been found that bubbles go down as well. Bubbles head up in the center where fractional drag from the glass is less and down on the outside as the top gets crowded.

What is “Brussels lace?”

Brussels lace is the latticework of foam from the head of the beer that is left on the glass after a drink of beer has been taken. It is considered by some to be a sign of high quality beer, and clean glasses.

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