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What's the difference between all the IPA's?

There are now a multitude of IPA styles, as brewers have capitalized on people’s love for hops and their desire to create new versions of the style to stand out from the growing crowd of IPA’s. Here are a few of the most popular IPA styles defined:

West Coast IPA – These IPA’s are known for their huge hop aroma with bursting notes of citrus and tropical fruits. Typically the malty character is understated, which allows the layered hop flavors and aromas to shine.

East Coast IPA – These IPA’s can be more balanced, with complex, slightly sweet malty notes that make a bigger impression than in the West Coast style. It’s still a hop-forward beer, but the hops don’t dominate the palate in the same way.

Double/Imperial IPA – While nothing is actually doubled in the making of these IPA’s, they are definitely heavier all around – more malts, more hops, and higher in alcohol.

Triple IPA – Some of these IPA’s reach over 10% alcohol! Because they are expensive and time consuming to brew, these beers are usually recommended to be consumed as fresh as possible.

Originally published in our Craft Beer Club's Micro Brew News, Ipswich Ale Brewery edition.