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What's the deal with all the cans?

There are a huge number of craft breweries jumping on the can bandwagon but many people are still debating whether or not cans are best for representing the quality of their beer. Everyone here at Craft Beer Club recognizes the many benefits that cans have for packaging craft beer and have embraced this growing trend. Three times per year we feature craft breweries who have opted to can their beers, and while receiving cans will not happen often in your Craft Beer Club monthly shipments, we strive to introduce you to the greatest small craft breweries in America - some of which only package in cans.

One major plus for cans is that they don’t let any light through. Contact with light has damaging affects which could ultimately lead to skunkiness and stale tasting beer.

During the packaging process, beers benefit from cans because of the little-to-no exposure to oxygen. Bottles on the other hand, have a small space at the top allowing oxygen in.

There are pros and cons when it comes to deciding if bottles or cans are better for the environment. On one hand, cans are much lighter than bottles and require less cardboard in its packaging resulting in a lower overall carbon footprint during transit. Aluminum cans are also made up of more recycled materials when compared to glass. On the other hand, cans also contain new Aluminum which is not as ‘green’ as creating bottles.

As mentioned earlier, cans are lightweight and more durable then glass which makes them the perfect vessel for taking your craft beer with you to the park, beach, or even on a hike. Not to mention they take up less space!

Overall, we recognize the benefits of canning beers and we are excited to continue finding new craft breweries and giving our Craft Beer Club members a chance to taste some of America’s finest craft beers in cans! A few of our recent features include Blue Blood Brewing Co. from Lincon, Nebraska and Southern Barrel Brewing Co. from Bluffton, South Carolina.


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