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What to do with your left over beer bottle caps

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Is your collection of crowns (ie. beer bottle caps) overflowing? Looks like its time to do something about it! Here are a few ways you can put those crowns to good use.

Bottle Cap Magnets

Bottle Cap Magnets

Easy, convenient and useful!

Flowers for your Beer Garden

Bottle Cap Flower

What better way to add to your Beer Garden than with a few beer-inspired flowers?

Crown Coasters

Bottle Cap Coaster

A practical way to display your beer bottle caps! Add a cork bottom for a more absorbent coaster.

Poker Chips

Bottle Cap poker chips

Love to play poker and drink beer? Everyone will be talking about your beer cap poker chips!

Bottle Cap Table

Bottle Cap table

A bright and creative way to showcase your collection! Create your own designs by beer company, color, design, etc...the options are endless.

All images sourced from Pinterest.com