What style of beer got its name from the location to which it was first shipped?


India Pale Ale (IPA). In the late 1700’s, Hogdson, the most popular ale brewer in London, began supplying beer to homesick English colonists around the world. Hogdson believed India was a huge market waiting to be tapped, but to ensure the beer would survive the long trip around Africa, he had to make some changes to the brewing method. First, he knew hops were a natural preservative, so he increased the hopping rate to help the beer hold longer. Next, he took advantage of another natural preservative in beer, and he brewed one with an exaggerated level of alcohol. Lastly, he used abundant dry hopping as an additional preservative. The recipients considered the modified Pale Ale a great improvement, and to differentiate it from pale, it was given the name of its destination, thus the India Pale Ale.

Originally published in our Micro Brew News' Trivia Time, Sweetwater Brewing Company edition.

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