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What is the world's most expensive beer?

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The world’s most expensive beer is Belgium’s Vielle Bob Secours, an Ale made in the small town of Peruwelz by the Caulier Brewery. It was first distributed in May of 1995. Each bottle (pint) costs around $50.

What is America’s most expensive beer?

America’s most expensive beer is a Samuel Adams Utopias that is packaged in copper bottles shaped like old copper brewing kettles. A 24-ounce bottle sells for $150 and is matured in scotch, cognac and port barrels for the better part of a year. The ABV is 27% and necessitates slow consumption on the part of the drinker.

Following vodka, beer is the second most popular alcoholic drink in which country?

Beer is the second most popular alcoholic drink in Russia after vodka. The average Russian drinks about 167 ounces of vodka each year compared to just 128 ounces of beer. For many years, beer was considered a foodstuff.

Originally published in our Craft Beer of the Month Club newsletter Micro Brew News, D.L. Geary Brewing Co. edition.