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What is the process of Lagering?

Lagering is from the German word for storage and refers to maturation for several weeks or months at cold temperatures to settle residual yeast, impart carbonation, and make for clean, round flavors in the finished product.

What does the term “Hefe” mean?

Hefe is a German word meaning “yeast,” and is used mostly in conjunction with wheat (weiss) beers to denote that the beer was bottled or kegged with the yeast in suspension (hefe-weiss or hefeweissen). These popular beers are cloudy, frothy, and very refreshing.

What is the process of Malting?

This is the process by which barley is steeped in water, germinated, then kilned to convert insoluble starch to soluble substances and sugar. This malted grain is the foundation ingredient of beer.

Originally featured in our Craft Beer Club's Micro Brew News, Rahr & Sons Brewing Company edition.