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What is black malt?

Black patent malt, otherwise known as black malt, is the darkest of the common roasted malts. It gives beer dark color and rich, roasted flavors with a very different character than roasted barley. Black malt is created by roasting at very high temperatures and it’s often used in stouts and dark beers.

What is the brew kettle used for?

The brew kettle is used to boil the sweet wort with the hops, and sometimes other ingredients such as herbs or sugars. This stage is where many chemical and technical reactions take place, and where important decisions about the flavor, color and aroma of the beer are made. At the end of the boil, the hopped wort settles to clarify in a vessel called a whirlpool, where the solid particles in the wort are separated out.

What is loitering?

Loitering is the separation of the wort (the liquid containing the sugar extracted during mashing) from the grains. This is typically done in two stages: First, the extract is separated in an undiluted state from the spent grains, and Second, through sparging, the extract that still remains with the grains is rinsed off with hot water.

Originally published in our Micro Brew News' Trivia Time, Evolution Craft Brewing Company edition.