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What is a Witbier?

What is a Witbier?

A Witbier is a Belgian-style ale that’s very pale and cloudy in appearance due to it being unfiltered and the high level of wheat (and sometimes oats) that’s used in the mash. Always spiced, generally with coriander, orange peel, and other spices or herbs, Witbiers usually offer a nice crispness and slight twang with a lively level of carbonation. Witbiers are also commonly referred to as ‘white beers.’

How are sour beers made?

A new trend in craft brewing, that’s actually not very new at all, is the production of sour beers. These beers are made by intentionally allowing wild yeast strains or bacteria into the brew (which is unlike modern brewing, done in a sterile environment to guard against the intrusion of wild yeast). The result is a beer that has an acidic, tart, or sour taste. The most common sour beer styles are Belgian (Lambrics, Gueuze, Flanders). All beer was once made this way, trusting in the wild yeasts that floated by in the air, even before knowing what ‘yeast’ was.

Originally published in our Micro Brew News, Black Tooth Brewing Company edition.